Pitts Theology Library the result of years of hard work

Photo of the exterior of the Pitts Theology Library

The exterior of the Pitts Theology Library.

Pitts Theology Library staff have been settling into our new spaces and we are excited to welcome you to drop by as we open to the public. Work will continue around the building for the next couple of weeks, but we are happy to show you all of the spaces and functions planned once everything is in place.

To this end, we are offering a slate of tours that began on Tuesday, August 5 and extend into the fall semester. We’ve listed tour dates and times on the Pitts website at http://www.pitts.emory.edu/visit/news-events/Tours.cfm; please sign up for a date and time that work for you. If you are interested in bringing a special group on a tour of the building at a different time, please contact me to make arrangements.

One other item to note: there is a turnstile for entry to the new building. Bring your Emory ID with you to swipe at the 2nd floor entrance to the library. Visitors continue to be welcome to use the building, but we are asking all library users to either swipe an Emory card or show a photo ID and sign in at the circulation desk to enter the building.

Interior view of the Pitts Theology Library

Interior view of the Pitts Theology Library.

The building project plan dates back to 1998 and was always conceived as a two phase project. Phase one opened in 2008 with the Rita Anne Rollins Building, which houses classrooms and offices for the Candler School of Theology as well as the Emory Center for Ethics. Pitts Theology Library, the Wesley Teaching Chapel, and an atrium are components of the second phase of this building project.  The library opened to the public for the first time on Monday; other elements of this project remain under construction for another few weeks.

The library tour goes into many spaces throughout the building. The new library space offers more seating than in the previous location, group study rooms, an exhibit gallery and lecture hall, a dedicated reading room for access to the library’s extensive special collections and archives, better wireless access, and consolidated circulating collections.

The project is the result of much hard work, stewardship, and planning by many people over sixteen years. We are excited to open it up to the Candler community and beyond.

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