LITS staff members shine at Spok Conference

Photo of new employee Tamika Pichardo

Tamika Pichardo, Call Center Supervisor.

Spok, Inc. is a leader in critical communications for healthcare and Emory’s current communications service provider. The company recently held its annual conference, called Connect 14, in San Antonio, TX on October 19-22.

The Spok conference generally provides our team with an opportunity to network with other users, share best practices and see what the future of the application looks like. This year our objective was rekindling a relationship.

Over the past 10 plus years, Spok (Amcom) has provided unquestionable support and the ability to beta test new product offerings as a Premier Customer. The Call Center has been an exhibit hall for other centers interested in trying or enhancing specific functions of the offered platform.


Prior to attending the 2014 Connect conference, it was critical for the Call Center to meet with the Emory Mobile Messaging team since we work hand-in-hand with this group. John Hawkins and Thea Diaz (both of the Messaging Team) were instrumental in providing the Call Center leadership (Tamika Pichardo, Maria Victoria Bradford and myself) with document challenges and a creative wish list. After several meetings prior to the conference, we headed to San Antonio to put our plans on the table during our one on one with Spok executive leadership team. This individual session allowed us to share our direction and vision while providing direct feedback regarding our experiences with the Spok people, products and services.

Spok Conference logoSeated at the round table were the CEO Vincent Kelly, President Colin Balmforth, Chief Operating Officer Kemant Goel, VP Development & CTO Kyle Gunderson. The executive team were attentive to the needs of our business and continued to push to receive transparent feedback they could use to align their vision with ours.

Here were our Top 10 Discussion Items:

  • Growth initiatives
  • Maximizing the current platform
  • Utilizing specific functions to help create cross functional solutions (including automation)
  • Getting the most from our Spok investment
  • Hands on training and skills enhancements
  • Minimizing disruptive upgrades / Coinciding with the Emory Black Out Schedule / Improving communications to end-users
  • Redundancy
  • Pricing structure for Professional Services
  • Tool should be reliable, intuitive and adaptable
  • Consistent engagement

Star of the Conference

Tamika Pichardo was selected as a case study presenter. Her presentation on “Providing a Gridlocked City with Open Lines to Care” highlighted the Spok Operator Smart Console’s intuitive interface. In addition, Tamika shared how utilizing the operator console’s answering service capabilities became our primary notification to callers during the “Snowpacalypse” emergency event earlier this year. The session participates were engaged and eager to speak with Tamika one on one.

Since the conference, the Call Center and Mobile Messaging Team have been in constant contact with several key managers within the Spok organization.

A few things we learned from the conference…never trust an old man with cowboy boots, two guns and a wicked smile and most importantly when you find a product that works and you start having challenges, speak up and speak loudly.

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