Nataliya Bykova, IT Compliance Manager, Enterprise IT Security

Photo of new employee

“I have only been here for three months but I’ve learned more here than in my previous jobs. Emory is an open environment which made the transition easier.”

Nataliya Bykova (pronounced nah-TAL-yuh BIK-oh-vah) recently joined the Enterprise Information Security team as the IT compliance manager, joining a newly formed team in April.

Before coming to Emory, Nataliya was the senior manager of information security at AON insurance company (eventually known as Ventive Technology.) She also spent four years at Coca-Cola Enterprises as their IT compliance lead. Nataliya’s first job in the U.S. was with Suntrust, where she began as an information security analyst.

Born in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, Nataliya attended Pedagogical University, where she was able to earn a bachelor of arts degree in English so she could teach English as a second language in her country. After accomplishing her goals, she came to the U.S. in 1998 and received her master’s of science degree in information security, with a concentration in networking, from Kennesaw State University.

For fun, Nataliya enjoys any outdoor activities involving water and the beach. She also loves gardening, relaxing, and reading. Nataliya has two kids, a sixteen-year-old daughter who is in the marching band and an eleven-year-old son who is a soccer player.

“I am working with a great group,” said Nataliya. “I have only been here for three months but I’ve learned more here than in my previous jobs. Emory is an open environment which made the transition easier.”

You can reach Nataliya at nataliya [dot] bykova [at] emory [dot] edu.

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