Woodruff Level 1 renovation update

Photo of file cabinets

The microform cabinets will be reduced from 329 to 40 as part of the Level 1 renovation.

Level 1 in Woodruff Library will be undergoing renovations this summer, starting on May 9to be complete by the start of the fall 2017 semester.  Areas scheduled for renovation work on Level 1 include Learning Commons, the microform reader area, and the microform and government document collections.

Moving and Renovation Work

The first phase of this project includes moving a large percentage of the microform and print government document collections to the Library Service Center. The move of collections is scheduled to be complete by early June. Once the collections have been moved, shelving and furniture will be removed and the Learning Commons on Level 1 will be renovated to add more seating, a variety of new furniture, carpet, and additional power outlets.

Spaces and Access

Staff work areas, the elevators, and at least one staircase will be accessible at all times. Other areas of Level 1 under renovation will be blocked from patron access. During the project, the seating area of Peet’s Café, the meditation room, group studies and other touchdown spaces will not be accessible. All student technology resources including printers and Mac and Windows workstations will be removed and stored during the renovation. Student Technology Support (STS) will remain open to students throughout the summer with consultations taking place inside the glass enclosure. The restrooms on Level 1 may also not be accessible for periods of time during the summer.

Collections and Services

Forty microform cabinets will remain on Level 1. These cabinets will not be accessible to patrons until the renovations are complete; Library Service Desk staff will retrieve reels from these cabinets while renovations are under way. One microfilm scanner will be temporarily relocated to the Library Service Desk area on Level 2 during construction.

Collections that are moving to the Library Service Center will be unavailable while being moved and accessioned. Once added to the Library Service Center, discoverE will reflect their new locations, and these items will be available for requesting and delivery to the Library Service Desk. Certain non-circulating collections, such as microforms, will only be available for in-house use. Please contact the Library Service Desk for assistance in locating any Level 1 items.

Thank you in advance for your patience, and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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