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May 31 – Employee self-evaluation due to managers. Remember this date.

You should have received an email notification on Tuesday, May 9, that performance evaluation documents have been created and are available for input for the 2017 cycle. For most of you, this means you are being invited to provide self-evaluation input for your manager to consider. Also, in departments of two or more, you may be asked to provide “upward feedback” on your manager or supervisor in the coming weeks as well.

The self-evaluation is not mandatory, but it is your opportunity to ensure your manager is reminded of your most significant contributions in fiscal year 2017 or academic year 2016/17 so that they can provide the most accurate and meaningful assessment possible. Also, if you receive an invitation to provide upward feedback on your manager, please take the opportunity to do so. The feedback is confidential and will only be viewed by your manager’s manager. Also, you will be asked to respond to just three open-ended questions which means the survey will require only minutes to complete.

Also note that there are no changes to the performance evaluation tool or process for the 2017 cycle. However, please review the FAQ document to (re)familiarize yourself with the performance evaluation tool and process. Also, if you have any questions, or need any guidance on how to access and navigate the performance evaluation tool in PeopleSoft, many helpful resources can be found on Emory’s Performance Management site:

2017 LITS Performance Evaluation Timeline:

  • May 9 – Reviews were made available for input (LITS HR created manager and self-evaluation documents for all employees in LITS)
  • May 31 – Employee self-evaluation due to manager (Note that this is a soft deadline to ensure each manager has a chance to consider input from their employee(s) prior to completing the manager evaluation(s). However, individual managers can establish or negotiate their own departmental deadlines as needed.)
  • June 23 – Manager evaluation to be completed in PeopleSoft HR (Next-level manager review and approval, as well as departmental rating calibration meetings, to take place during June/July)
  • On or before July 24 – Final ratings approved and verified by LITS Leadership Team member (please do not communicate final ratings until LITS Leadership approval is obtained)
  • August – Final face-to-face performance discussions and rating communication to be completed in August, prior to year-end compensation actions. Managers can set their own internal departmental deadlines for the final face-to-face performance discussions and merit communications. However, all final performance and merit communications must take place no later than 9/12/17 for biweekly employees and 9/22/17 for monthly employees as this is when employees will be able to view their pay advice with their updated salary information.
  • Early September – Compensation letters to be distributed (specific dates to be communicated as we get closer)

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Rob Renner or me. Thank you for your time and attention to this year’s performance management process.

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