LITS Game Day brings the division together again

Photo of employees at a party

Rho Hernandez checks her hole cards while Nicole Byrd (in blue) and Rosa Weston looks on. Pro Tip: Note the way Rho shields her cards with her left hand. This prevents wandering eyes from seeing them.

After a 4-year absence, LITS Game Day returned to Cox Hall to the delight of everyone in attendance. A popular event from the days of the former OIT division, Game Day drew a respectable crowd of LITS employees from throughout the campus.

Attendees enjoyed food, drink, and a wide variety of games, including:

  • Steel-tipped Darts
  • Texas Hold ‘Em poker
  • Team Trivia
  • Cornholing
  • HTC Vive virtual reality games and experiences
  • Wii Dance Party
  • 1-2 Switch
  • Drawful (of the Amazon Fire Party Pack)
  • Classic console games
  • Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 games
  • Jenga
  • Various other board and card games (“You have Zombicide? Awesome!” said Gayle Godbee.)
Photo of emplyee at a staff party

John Fries killin’ zombies in virtual reality. Look out behind that tree, John!

Team Trivia was won by the team of Lee Clontz, Ken Danter, and Susan Detrie, who won a gift basket that included movie passes. the second place team was Kelly Kaut, Laura Triton, Karen Garrabrandt, Anna Miles, Eileen Rubnitz, and b.

The Texas Hold ‘Em tournament was won by Quincy Thomas Jr., who begged for a four on the “river” in the last hand of the tournament and got exactly that to win the title. The room exploded in amazement as his 14-to-1 long-shot vaulted him past second-place finisher Rho Hernandez. Lamar Kelly took third.

Other highlights of Game Day included a rousing game of Jenga, several Wii dancers, an exciting game of Tsuro, some spirited cornhole competition, and a lot of interest in the virtual reality games. John Fries killed zombies in virtual reality (VR) and came away impressed. “It was my first time in VR and the game was very exciting. VR has huge potential.”

Special thanks to the small army of folks who helped put the event together:

  • Party planning, food, drinks, invitations, board and card games – LITS HR (Rob Renner, Khadijah Muhammad, Carla Ashe, Nydia Charles Huggins)
  • Party planning, space setup/cleanup, board and card games – members of ATS (specifically Kim Braxton, Tony Shiver, Tara McCurley, Dawn Francis-Chewning, Rho Hernandez, Robin Horton, Derek Butler, Cecilia Bolich, Jenn Young, Lee Clontz, Sam Timme, and Haynes Chewning)
  • Darts & Texas Hold ‘Em – provided and run by Wade Moricle
  • Team Trivia – planned and hosted by Cecilia Bolich and Jenn Young
Photo of employee playing cards at a staff party

Quincy Thomas, Jr. displaying his winning hand. Those two rags each paired on the board…poker lingo.

Other gaming stations provided by:

  • Cornhole – Rob Renner
  • HTC Vive, Wii, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4 – Computing Center at Cox Hall
  • 1-2 Switch – Sam Timme and Rho Hernandez
  • Drawful – Tony Shiver
  • Classic console games – Haynes Chewning
  • Jenga – Kim Braxton

In addition to all the above, there were various other party attendees outside of LITS HR and ATS who helped in some way, such as Kristian Serrano (who brought in board games), Linda Richardson (who came early and helped with setup), and I’m sure several others who quietly contributed in some way – it was definitely a group effort, and I am sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone.

It was quite wonderful to see so many folks from across LITS pitching in to make the event a success.

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