On-Call calendaring and paging in ServiceNow

Screen shot of new service home pageBeginning Thursday, August 30th, the IT Service Management Office (ITSMO) will be offering new functionality in ServiceNow for On-Call Calendaring and Paging (including most monitoring page notifications). This will be implemented for all LITS teams, as an alternative to EHConnect (SimonWeb) and Spok. Full availability of those systems will continue as normal until the transition is complete for all LITS teams and functions.

Why are we doing this? 

  • To benefit from full integration between incidents, on-call, and paging notifications
  • To improve the ease-of-use for on-call calendaring and scheduling
  • To simplify the infrastructure by eliminating complex system integrations
  • To streamline maintenance and support with a LITS-managed service
  • To increase the reliability and availability of the service
  • To allow for future enhancement and flexible design of the service

What can you do to get ready?

Even though the service is not yet in production, there are a few things you can do to get ready for the implementation:

  1. Download the ServiceNow mobile app! (See KB article for instructions).
  2. Make sure your group’s EHConnect on-call calendar is up to date at least through August and preferably through September. The calendars for LITS groups will be copied from EHConnect into ServiceNow, as they exist at the end of day Monday, August 27th, to ease with the transition.
  3. Review the Knowledge Articles below to get familiar with the concepts and functionality.

How does it work?

  • On-Call Calendars are set up for Assignment Groups in ServiceNow (or sub-groups for those groups that have multiple on-call groups).



  • Paging in ServiceNow is done via “push” notifications to the ServiceNow mobile application.










  • On-Demand pages can be sent to either individuals or on-call groups from within ServiceNow.








How can you learn more?

The Knowledge Base has several articles to help you learn the concepts, manager your calendars, and start receiving pages. Also, you can attend an informational session on September 13th at the InfoForum in Woodruff Library. Please also feel free to contact me at mark [dot] kawasaki [at] emory [dot] edu with any questions or training needs.

On-Call Calendaring and Paging in ServiceNow – Concepts
On-Call Calendaring and Paging in ServiceNow – Setting up your mobile device
On-Call Calendaring and Paging in ServiceNow – Maintaining On-Call Calendars and Schedules
On-Call Calendaring and Paging – Receiving and Responding to a Page Notification
On-Call Calendaring and Paging in ServiceNow – Add a New Employee for On-Call
On-Call Calendaring and Paging in ServiceNow – Remove an Employee from On-Call (Permanently)
On-Call Calendaring and Paging in ServiceNow – On-Demand Paging

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