Pets of the Week: Bella and Max

picture of a puppy and a dinosaur

Not Bella or Max…but close!

Meet Bella and Max (short for Isabella and Maximilian). They are Australian Kelpie mixed with terrier. Or terror, depending on their mood. They are always on guard and saving the lawn from squirrels, birds, bugs, etc.

photo of dog in pool

Bella loves the pool in the hot summer.

My puppies are three years old this month. And I still do call them puppies. We rescued them from a shelter.  They weren’t in a no-kill shelter, but we found them on

Bella loves sitting in her favorite summer place, a kiddie pool filled with water. She thinks she’s in charge. Don’t let the calm exterior fool you. She’s busy plotting the overthrow of the yard across the street.

photo of smiling dog

Max mugging for the camera!

Max loves mugging for the camera. He’s hyper smart and calls the shots when they’re herding children around the yard.

Max falls for Bella’s tricks every time. If Bella wants something of his, she’ll go to the door and bark. He gets up to bark at the door too and she doubles back and takes the bed or toy that he was using. She is sooo sneaky!

So, there they are. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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