Pet(s) of the Week: Bobo and Premium

My significant other Chris and I adopted our cats, Bobo and Premium, on the same day from the Atlanta Humane Society. Although they’re from different litters, they became best buddies within moments of meeting each other. They’re three years old now and totally adore each other, and us.

We’ve been naming our pets after cartoon characters. Previously we had Maggie (The Simpsons), Penny (from the Penny cartoon on Pee Wee’s Playhouse), Churchy (from Pogo), and Nemo (adopted from people who had named him Emo but I misheard them).

Bobo (aka Mr. B., Big Tub of Goo, Big Boi, The Big Dripper, Blobby Hill) is the orange tabby. He was originally named Rusty. We re-named him after Mr. Burns’ teddy bear. Coincidentally he had a raggedy teddy bear in his cage that we brought home. His favorite thing is to be belly up on your lap getting tummy rubs.

Premium (aka the Cruise Missile, Monkey Brain, Henry Wriggler) is the black and white one. We kept the name they had given him at the Humane Society because of the Simpsons connection. His littermate was named Retro. He’s physically the opposite of Bobo. Premium is lithe and athletic and races around, launching himself like a torpedo onto high places.

Once Chris was doing some work on our A/C.  He had the grate off of one of our inside floor vents, but got a phone call and wandered off.  I walked into the room a few minutes later to see Premium coming UP out of the vent.  Bobo wasn’t in the room.  I yelled “HANG UP THE PHONE!” just as Bobo clawed his way up and out of the vent.

Premium is the smarter of the two.  We have an automatic kibble feeder that dispenses food into a bowl in the morning.  Premium has learned how to grab it by the top and shake it until more food falls out.

They love that we are working from home and spend much of the day curled up next to me.

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