ECS receives high marks for AWS training; now available on demand

Emory Cloud Services (ECS) recently finished their first series of internally-run 200-level AWS training and the feedback was tremendous. The virtual classes, which were offered for free to Emory staff, covered a wide range of intermediate topics in the area of cloud services.

In a survey conducted after the classes, ECS training earned a Net Promoter Score of 84, which is extremely high in the training industry. According to class attendee Kevin Chen (manager, middleware), “The 200 series are really great trainings. I’d like to express my gratitude again for all the effort the instructors put in.” Added attendee Diego Duran (storage engineer, enterprise storage), “I appreciate the effort put into developing and maturing these courses for the future.”

The training materials in the ECS course catalog have been organized into levels. These levels provide individuals with training options ranging in complexity from beginner (100 Level) to intermediate (200 Level) to advanced (300 Level). Individuals who work their way through each series will be prepared to deploy and operate infrastructure inside the Enterprise Cloud Services environment.

Most of the 100 Level classes are focused on AWS Basics. These classes are offered by an external provider, called QwikLabs. They are self-paced and can be taken whenever you have time. Most of these classes provide hands-on training in AWS without requiring you to have a test account. While many of the classes are free, some require credits. The Cloud Advisory Group manages a small bank of QwikLabs credits that can assigned out while supplies last. If you are interested in taking a class that requires credits, please request credits by filling out and submitting this form.

The 200 Level and 300 Level classes are tailored for Enterprise Cloud Services. The 200 Level classes provide basic Enterprise Cloud Services training on the Landing Zone, IAM permissions, and Operating processes. The 300 Level classes will provide information on how to deploy infrastructure into ECS using automation.

After a very successful run of the initial 200 Level ECS Training classes, the Cloud Advisory Group is happy to announce that those seven classes are now available on-demand. As with the in-person version of these classes, there is a mix of lecture and lab work. Students will begin by watching the class video, which will let the students know when to pause the video and perform the lab. We think this format is ideal because students can take as much time as they need for each lab. We have also converted all of the lab worksheets to show students the correct answers upon submission. We think this will also improve the learning experience because students will be able to check their work.

The table below contains links to each class page where there are links to the class video, lab instructions, lab worksheets, and other related class material. Students may pick-and-choose the classes they want to take, or they can take all seven. Our recommendation is to take all seven in the order presented in this table. This approach gives students the broadest understanding of the ECS Landing Zone.

Class Description Registration
ECS 201: Landing Zone Overview ​This class introduces you to the Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) Landing Zone. You will learn about the AWS Organizations, Service Control Policies, and the AWS accounts that make up the Landing Zone. Register
ECS 202: IAM Roles & Policies This class explains how IAM roles and policies are used in ECS to provide controlled access. In this class you will learn how the scheme of horizontal, vertical, and team based roles were developed. You will see the different policies associated with the roles and develop a deeper understanding of IAM and its specific use in ECS. Register
ECS 203: Traffic Flows, Security Groups, & Firewalls This class breaks down the networking and security controls within ECS. You will learn about Security Groups, Firewalls, Transit Gateways, Direct Connects, VPC Flow logs and a lot more. Register
ECS 204: Data Encryption, TKI Client, AWS CLI ​In this class you will learn about the various ways data is encrypted within ECS. You will see how encryption is enabled and used to provide segregation between teams. The knowledge gained from this class is instrumental for deploying infrastructure into ECS. Register
ECS 205: High-Availability & Data Protection This class will show you the multiple options application teams have for deploying infrastructure. You will start with a very simple non-redundant deployment and work your way to a highly-redundant deployment. You will also learn how data is backed up in ECS. Register
ECS 206: Logging & Monitoring This class describes how infrastructure within ECS is monitored and logged. In this class you will learn how CloudWatch is used to monitor infrastructure and logs are collected for EC2 instances, S3 access, load-balancer access, and VPC flow logs. Register
ECS 207: Cost Management This class will show you how to use AWS billing tools like Cost Explorer and Cost and Usage Reports to manage costs in ECS. This class will also explain the important role tags play with billing in ECS. Register
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