Author Archives: Lee Clontz transitioning to LinkedIn Learning Platform

This summer, our Lynda instance will transition to the LinkedIn Learning platform. LinkedIn has owned Lynda since 2015 and this transition will retire the Lynda brand, relaunching as LinkedIn Learning. The change should be seamless and will provide added benefits while delivering all of the existing Lynda content, with additional courses and improved functionality. The […]

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Teaching & Learning Technologies

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One of the challenges with a team named “Faculty Services” is that the name doesn’t adequately describe what the team actually does. Obviously, there are many teams within LITS that provide services for faculty, and the services that our team provides are used by staff and students as well. To that end, I’m happy to report that the […]

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Thoughts on “The Circle”

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Dave Eggers’ “The Circle” tells the story of an eponymous Internet company in a post-Google, post-Facebook, post-Twitter, post-Amazon near-future dystopian utopia (I’ll explain that shortly). The company is massive and all-encompassing, bringing together ubiquitous search and communications in an ever-widening array of devices and services aimed at providing complete transparency. No project is too ambitious […]

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Overview of the Coursera Course Selection Process

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The Faculty Advisory Committee for Online Education (FACOE), chaired by Judy Raggi Moore, is a newly-formed committee that handles Emory’s various online education offerings. Comprised of about a dozen faculty members from different disciplines, the committee possesses a broad mix of interests and backgrounds that lead to challenging discussions from a variety of angles. Although […]

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Coursera at Emory Reaches Thousands of Students

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It’s hard to believe, given the intensity of Coursera and 2U-related activity over the past six months, that the term “MOOC” — massive open online course — has only been in the popular vernacular for less than a year. Questions abound about the process, the viability and the future of these free courses taught simultaneously […]

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UTS Coursera Offering Begins

Photo of OIT staff who worked on Coursera

The Academic Technology Services team working on the Coursera online class effort (Steve Bransford, Lee Clontz, Shannon O’Daniel) went live with their first offering on Monday, January 28. The class is called “Introduction to Digital Sound Design,” and is taught by Emory professor of Music Composition, Steve Everett. The four-week class already has 41,000 enrolled students. […]

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