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ECDS adjusts to COVID-19

Everyone is dealing with a tremendous amount of change in their work life as well as in their personal lives and we hope everyone is successfully making their way through these crazy times. In ECDS, we have had to make some adjustments, even though a good portion of our work can be done remotely and […]

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Alice Hickcox retirement

Photo of a new retiree

Alice Hickcox’s 23-year history with the University goes back to 1983 when she began work on her PhD. in Emory’s Graduate Division of Religion. Alice’s work experience began in 1992 with information technology as a member of the Faculty Information Technology Center (FITC). Partnering with faculty to teach students how to work with digitized articles, […]

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Creating a more unified digital scholarship experience at Emory

Photo of Wayne Morse

This June represents the second year for the Emory Center of Digital Scholarship (ECDS) and I am happy to share highlights of the work completed as well as ongoing initiatives that demonstrate what a unified approach to digital scholarship can achieve. ECDS’ mission is “to make a more unified experience for Emory’s faculty, staff and […]

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