ClassTech Loaner Pool Merges With the Music and Media Library

Photo of Music & Media Library

The Music and Media Library is on the fourth floor of the Woodruff Library.

In collaboration between the Woodruff Library and Academic Technology Services, the ClassTech’s loaner pool of AV equipment has been transitioned to the Marian K. Heilburn Music and Media Library Collection, making the equipment now available to a wider Emory population.

For years, ClassTech has operated a loaner pool that students, faculty, and staff could use to check out audio visual equipment such as projectors, screens, microphones and iPods. Over time requests from faculty grew the pool to include digital cameras, PA systems, Mac adapters and more. The problem was that this pool was only available to the College of Arts and Sciences and not the rest of the university because the college paid for the equipment.

When ClassTech moved into the Woodruff Library, Steve Witte (UTS), who is an educational analyst, reached out to the Music and Media Library Collection because of their outstanding circulation program. Colin Bragg (University Libraries) runs the Music and Media desk and together they devised a plan to utilize ClassTech’s equipment with Music and Media’s distribution processes. The fit seemed like a great idea since Music and Media had a loaner pool of its own, including iPads, and are masters of efficient circulation.

Photo of Colin Bragg

Colin Bragg runs the Music and Media desk.

“They could manage our equipment more efficiently than we could because of their established infrastructure and outstanding circulation program,” says Steve. The program, called Aleph, is an integrated library system from the Ex Libris Group.

ClassTech transferred all of the loaner pool equipment into the Library’s system in August and the equipment was open to the university this Fall. ClassTech still assists the Media Collection in a consultant role because of their AV expertise.

Some of the larger equipment like PA systems and large screens were moved to the Dobbs University Center for better ease of handling since these are so large. As a result, Dobbs manages the large items and the Woodruff Library manages the rest. Thus far, reception to the new equipment availability has been outstanding.

“This program has really tied us together with ClassTech and now we are able to deliver even more exciting equipment in our loaner pool,” says Colin. “It’s been a fun collaboration.”

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