First LITS Service Award Event honors over 100 employees

Photo of Rich Mendola and Joe Massey

Rich Mendola thanks Joe Massey for 45 years of outstanding service to Emory.

LITS HR held the first LITS Service Award Event on June 25 in the Cox Hall Ballroom. The event was a luncheon that included all honorees, managers (or designees) and LITS leadership.

Emceed by Rob Renner (Divisional Director, HR), the event included speeches by Rich Mendola (Enterprise CIO & Senior Vice Provost), Yolanda Cooper (University Librarian), Paul Petersen (Director, Infrastructure), Dana Haggas (Director, Enterprise Applications), Jesse Copeland (Manager, University Libraries), and Tamika Williams (Supervisor, Call Center).

One of the event highlights was Petersen’s presentation about Joe Massey (Infrastructure), a communications architect who began working at Emory in 1969. Petersen marveled at how Massey had adapted to years of change in telecommunications, moving from the use of switchboard operators to the digital age of smart phones.

Years of Service honorees included:

  • 5-Years: Sanjay Agravat, Julie Braun, Danny Bridges, Dana Bryant, Patrick Caneer, Jymbellyn Carthon, Andrew Chin, Leah Chuchran, Anthony Corley, Luciano Dalla Venezia, Nichelle Dooley, Kristi Eckerson, Richard Fischer, Lisa Hamlett, Alex Kyrychenko, Chase Lovellette, LaKysha Mack, Phil MacLeod, Sharon Mason, Tara McCurley, Maureen McGavin, Justin Menacker, Brian Methot, Tito Ortiz, Frances Pici, Brian Popkin, Kenyon Register, Jennah Simpkins, Alex Thomas, Jamie Weems, Steve Wheat, Michael Williamson, and Trisha Wilson.
  • 10-Years: Erika Buchholz, John Ellis, Richard Gilliam, Shomari Hammond, Dennis House, Camille Hyatt, Myra Lovett, Tanisha McNichol, Sherri Meador, Ron Miller, Rob O’Reilly, Christopher Palazzolo, Jessica Perlove, Elizabeth Roke, James Sawyer, Tony Shiver, Todd Sirmans, Jiann-Ming Su, Zavian Weems, Alan White, Alvin Wilder, and Tamika Williams.
  • 15-Years: Alex Berry, Barbara Brandt, Patrick Buckley, Sean Deaver, Melvin Dozier, Larry Frederick, Dwayne Hamrick, Marc Hardison, Russ Havard, Marty Ike, Steve Johnson, Jimmy Kincaid, Erin Mooney, Shannon O’Daniel, Daniel Palmer, Bran Peacock, Tracy Preyer, Oliver Smith, Ann Berry Ward, Erich Wendt, Ted Willi, and John Wilson.
  • 20-Years: Kyle Brooks, Joyce Clinkscales, Michelle Crawford, Roland Farrar, Norman Hulme, Sandra Still, and Billy Tice.
  • 25-Years: James Alston, Jerrold Brantley, Derek Butler, Chris Camacho, Charles Forrest, Debbie Gray, Jeanette Hanson, Kathy Hayes, Kerry Jemison, Kelly Kautt, Steve Lee, Dave Maddlone, Missie Martin, Eric Peng, Pam Pope, Kathy Shoemaker, Robert Spencer, and Laura Trittin.
  • 30-Years: Sheila Ackie, Mike Elder, Sandra Franklin, Richard Gess and Rosemary Magee.
  • 45-Years: Joe Massey.
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