LITS year in pictures

Photo of employees at a holiday party

One of our favorite photos of the year: The organizers of the Student Grad Party (clockwise from top left): Nydia Charles Huggins, Khadijah Muhammad, BeAnka Tate, and Ryan Roberts.

The New Year is often a time for reflection and one way we like to reminisce is to look back at some of our favorite photos of the calendar year.

The photo montage below follows 2014 chronologically. As you will see, many of our photos are individual head shots featuring new hires in LITS as well as individuals who were honored for various achievements throughout the year.

We also have several shots from various events during the year, including the Holiday Party from December and the Service Award Luncheon held in July. Please enjoy these photos and thanks to everyone for overcoming their camera shyness.

If you see a photo(s) in the videos of which you would like a digital copy, simply contact Wade Moricle.

The Year in Photos

[jwplayer mediaid=”8230″]

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The 2014 Holiday Party

[jwplayer mediaid=”8227″]

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The 2014 Service Award Luncheon

[jwplayer mediaid=”8229″]

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