Update from HR

Graphic with "Comings & Goings"

Regular Conversions:

  • Jesse Karlsberg, Postdoctoral Fellow, reporting to Allen Tullos, effective 9/1/15. (conversion from student to staff)  (…bio coming soon)
  • J’nai Butler, Service Desk Analyst II, reporting to Sharon Gregory, effective 10/26/15.  (…bio coming soon)


  • Blair Boyd, IT Product Manager, reporting to Megan Turk, effective 9/1/15.  (…bio coming soon)
  • Nik Dragovic, Research Library Fellow, reporting to Emily Porter, effective 9/1/15.  (…bio coming soon)
  • Raymond Lewis, Library Specialist (User Services), reporting to Margaret Ellingson, effective 9/15/15.  (…bio coming soon)
  • Sylvia Williames, Rose Library Admin Assistant, reporting to Christeene Alcosiba, effective 9/23/15.
  • Jason Burns, Enterprise Middleware Adm III, reporting to Anne Marie Alexander, effective 9/28/15.  (…bio coming soon)
  • Jennifer Young, Educational Analyst II, reporting to Lee Clontz, effective 9/28/15.  (…bio coming soon)
  • Erin Grant, Head of Metadata Services, reporting to Jeff Sowder, effective 10/1/15.  (…bio coming soon)
  • Yannan Lu, Enterprise Middleware Adm III, reporting to Kevin Chen, effective 10/12/15.  (…bio coming soon)
  • Tiffany Miles, Project Manager I, reporting to Felicia Bianchi, effective 11/9/15.  (…bio coming soon)
  • Saikat Sen, Software Engineer, Sr., reporting to Charles Johnson, effective 11/16/15.  (…bio coming soon)


  • Identity Management, Shomari Hammond’s last day was 8/28/15.
  • Application Development, Kevin Glover’s last day was 8/31/15.
  • IT Architecture, Chris Camacho’s last day was 10/2/15.
  • IT Service Management, Nicole McFarland’s last day was 10/9/15.
  • Data Engineering, Xiaoqian Li’s last day was 10/16/15.
  • Rose Library, Amber Moore’s last day was 10/20/15.
  • Rose Library, Matthew Strandmark’s last day was 10/30/15.
  • Project Management. Kelly Resignola’s last day was 10/30/15.
  • Portfolio and Prog Mgmt, Patti Pate’s last day was 11/2/15.
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