Marie Hansen to receive Emory Award of Distinction

(Ed. Note: Erin Long also contributed to this article)

photo of mariehansen

Marie Hansen has been selected to receive the Emory Award of Distinction.

Marie Hansen, the Interlibrary Loan Coordinator for the Woodruff Library, has been selected to receive an Emory Award of Distinction for her long-term commitment to building the interlibrary loan (ILL) office into a first-rate, effective and efficient research partner for university faculty and graduate students. Her particular area of expertise is obtaining resources that are not part of Emory’s collections.

While Emory’s collections have grown dramatically over the last three decades, it would be impossible to acquire all of the resources faculty and students require to be successful. Instead, they rely heavily on Marie and the ILL team to bring these resources to them from around the world in an astonishingly timely manner. The quality of support that faculty and students receive from Marie has been the making of Emory’s international research profile.


“I love doing bibliographic detective work,” said Marie. “But I could have never received this honor without my team.”

In FY15, Emory’s faculty and students placed over 6,000 requests for books, articles and microforms with the ILL office. Of more than 120 research libraries in North America, Emory ranked seventh in its fulfillment of requests for its users, meeting 89% of requests. Much of this success is due to Marie. She truly takes a personal interest in the research projects across the university and she has a special commitment to the outcome of the work.

“I love doing bibliographic detective work,” said Marie. “I am tenacious and I hate to say ‘no’ until it is very clear that the information cannot be found anywhere.”

One graduate student said of Marie, “we could not be the scholars we are without her; we would not be a destination university without the level of professionalism and commitment she has brought to the ILL office.” Through her hard work and exceptional dedication, Marie has made a contribution that advances and supports the quality of teaching and research at Emory.


Marie will be recognized at the official Award of Distinction Dinner with President Wagner held on March 22.

“I could never have received this honor without the contributions of my team,” said Marie. “I cannot stress that enough. It is a very professional group to work with and we are all service-oriented and collaborative.”

The Woodruff Library was responsible, not only for her job, but also for something more central in her life:  through a mutual love of philosophy, especial Plato and the Neoplatonists, Marie met her husband, at Emory while studying as a graduate student.

Marie was nominated by Bonna D. Wescoat, Professor of Art History and Yolanda Cooper, University Librarian. She will be recognized at the official Award of Distinction Dinner with President Wagner held on March 22, 2016. Honorees receive an award and also $1,000 and will be included in a story in the Emory Report.

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