Rosalyn Metz, Director of Library Technology and Digital Strategies, University Libraries

Photo of new employee

Rosalyn Metz performs on the flying trapeze. Literally.

Rosalyn Metz (pronounced ROSE-uh-lin) is the new Director of Library Technology and Digital Strategies, having spent the past three years as operations manager for the digital repository in the Digital Libraries Systems and Services department at Stanford University. Previously, she spent 18 months as a project manager in the IT department at George Washington University. She also worked as an implementation librarian at ExLibris.

Born in Cheshire, CT (FUN FACT: home of James Van Der Beek), Rosalyn earned a degree in political science, with a minor in philosophy, from George Washington University. She received her master’s degree in library science from the University of North Carolina. Rosalyn is also Scrum certified.

Never suffering from a mundane life, Rosalyn performs on the flying trapeze. She began her circus interests about six years ago and uses trampoline work to augment her trapeze artistry. “I had to take a year hiatus when I had a baby…they tend to not let you fly when you are pregnant,” said Rosalyn. While there is a flying trapeze rig in the area, Rosalyn hopes to own her own rig so that she can teach it to her daughter, Genevieve. Her husband, Eston Melton, is originally from Florida and has family in Georgia. The family also owns a puppy named Noly, a Formosan Mountain dog, who was rescued from Taiwan.

“I’m excited about the creation of the digital library program,” said Rosalyn. “I’m hoping that some of the processes that we put in place in the DLP will translate over to Core Systems. I think there will be a lot of cross-collaboration between the two groups. I’m also interested in being a part of an open-source community.”

You can reach her at rosalyn [dot] metz [at] emory [dot] edu.

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