ServiceNow gets usability facelift


Check out the new ServiceNow interface today!

As a basis for being Emory’s service management solution, ServiceNow needs to be able to provide complex information in the complex IT environment at Emory, but it still must be usable for everyday employees. As a member of the IT Service Management Office (ITSMO), one of Rose Harris’ ServiceNow goals this year was to improve the customer self-service experience.

As a result of this goal, the content management system (CMS) front-end has been tailored so customers can view all of their ticket details (open or closed) that pertain only to them, based on their NetID. In the past, the resolution details were not viewable. Now customers can view full resolution details on resolved and closed tickets.

Additionally, customers submitting tickets via a listserv could not view their  original requests. Today they can view the full details of their tickets by accessing, then entering their Emory credentials.

According to Service Desk manager Sharon Gregory, “As many as 15 – 20% of the calls to the Service Desk are requests for the status of an existing ticket. Users may save time by eliminating the need for a follow-up call to the Service Desk and reducing the risk of duplicate tickets being created. Decreased calls to the Service Desk will, in turn, allow our analysts more time for troubleshooting new incidents.”

Whenever an application can point people to self-service, there is a cost savings in the overall process. “We want our customers to be able to access the ServiceNow front end and easily report problems, search for common IT solutions from the knowledge base and place requests using this avenue,” said Rose.

Departments across campus have seen an improvement.

“We have quite a few customers who submit very similar requests over and over, so just having the short description as previously existed, they would not necessarily be able to identify which request status they were looking at unless they tracked down their automated notification with the incident number,” said Cecelia Bodnar, who works in the office of Development and Alumni Relations.

Bodnar concluded, “Now, they can log in and see the full content of their original request, so they know exactly which one they are seeing the details for, and what the status and possibly resolution has been. Given the volume of tickets that our customers request, this is a great benefit for them and us. It will likely result in fewer follow-up tickets to our support listservs, which end up creating duplicate tickets when all they really need is a status update.”

If you haven’t seen the new features in ServiceNow, take time to today to check out the new interface.

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