Susan Gue, Licensing Coordinator, Emory Libraries

Photo of new employee

“Working in the library at Emory is genuinely rewarding.” Susan Gue

Susan Gue is new to the position of Licensing Coordinator but not new to Emory Libraries, having celebrated her 15-year anniversary with Emory this past February. Susan began her new role in August, after a vacancy was created by David Vidor’s retirement last June.

Susan calls Georgia and South Carolina “home” since she’s lived in both equally, moving from Georgia, to the Charleston area, then back to Georgia. Before returning and joining Emory, Susan worked in tech services in the library at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. She had a brief stint with the Gwinnett County Public Library system but determined that she felt most at home in the academic library environment.

Susan enjoys the diversity and challenges that licensing a variety of electronic resources from a wide range of sources can bring, and feels the negotiating skills she’s using on a daily basis will really help out the next time she’s shopping for a new car. “I’m thinking of installing a bell or a confetti drop at my cube,” Susan (semi-jokingly) says, “to celebrate when I have completed a particularly difficult negotiation.” She does feel a great sense of accomplishment when she is able to tell a librarian or patron that their requested resource is available, and is grateful for the work of all of the members on the Electronic & Continuing Resources team who help accomplish this goal.

In her spare time, Susan is the dutiful servant to her two border collie mixes, Rowdy and Indy. When not tending to their needs she enjoys mountain biking with her husband, Randy, cooking, and working in her yard. She has also renovated several houses and finds tasks like drywall finishing and laying floor tile a fun way to spend a weekend.

“I was very happy to be chosen for my new position,” said Susan. “I have interviewed and been hired for three different jobs and haven’t ever left the building. I have truly enjoyed the relationships I have built with my coworkers and find working in the library at Emory genuinely rewarding. Hopefully I will be able to do so for another 15 years.”

You can reach Susan at skellet [at] emory [dot] edu.

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