Network Services hosts Fun Day

John Ellis removes a Jenga piece while members of Network Services are transfixed.

On May 10, Wayne Ortman, Director of Network Services, held a town hall meeting in which he recognized many of his employees for their accomplishments, birthdays and service anniversaries. Wayne had asked a lot from his organization this year and to show his appreciation, he hosted the first LITS Network Services Fun Day.

Organized by William Boney, III and assisted by Michelle Crawford, Sebreana EcholsLamar Kelly, Linda Richardson, and Rosa Weston, the event featured refreshments, music, karaoke, and games. “They did an amazing job!” exclaimed Tommy Barwick.

The food was provided by Fox Bros Barbecue. Video games allowed people to interact with each other. They also had cards and other board games that gave everyone a chance to relax.

One of the highlights was what one person described as “the most intense game of Jenga ever played.” The players were Tommy Barwick, John Ellis, John Fries, Lamar Kelly, and James Sawyer.

Quite a few people participated in the karaoke, including Jimmy Kincaid, Nayef Smith, Dawn Peek and a host of others.

The evening was a big hit with everyone and is sure to become an annual event.

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