Joanna Mundy, Digital Project Specialist, Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

Photo of new employee

“I love working for the Emory Center of Digital Scholarship and with the ECDS team.” – Joanna Mundy

Joanna Mundy joined the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship as the new Digital Project Specialist. Before beginning this position, she worked as a graduate digital scholarship consultant for ECDS, following a year as the Beck Foundation Fellow in 2015-2016. Joanna worked on multiple digital scholarship projects before joining ECDS, including the American Excavations Samothrace and Envisioning Baroque Rome. She also worked for the Visual Resources Library at Emory as a library specialist from 2007-2010.

Born and raised in Cedartown, GA, Joanna got her bachelor of arts degree in ancient Mediterranean civilizations from Rice University and an Master’s degree of philosophy in world archaeology from Cambridge University.

She is a PhD candidate in the Art History Department here at Emory with a focus on Roman art and archaeology. Her dissertation explores the relationship between ancient housing and Roman life in the city of Rome in the first to fifth century CE.

Joanna has worked on archaeological excavations in the United States and Italy since 2003, including four excavations in Italy, one of which she has worked and excavated for eight seasons.

“I love working for the Emory Center of Digital Scholarship and with the ECDS team,” said Joanna. “I am enjoying the projects and people here and look forward to working with everyone further.”

You can reach her at jcmundy [at] emory [dot] edu.

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