2017 LITS Significant Contribution Award winners announced

TLT Learning Management Support (L to R): Lee Clontz, Haynes Chewing, Kathy Hayes, Susan Detrie, Sam Timme (not pictured: Dana Bryant, Athan Gillette, Tricia Goddard, Anthony Hess, Dina Thornton, John Willingham, and Jenn Young)

During this week’s LITS Town Hall meeting, Rob Renner announced the winners of the 2017 LITS Significant Contribution Awards. Awards recognize individual or team/group contributions toward significant, milestone LITS division achievements during fiscal year 2017, while also exemplifying organizational values.

Nominations were reviewed by a selection committee comprised of LITS Directors and Library Cabinet members. Award winners received $100 Visa gift cards as well as an engraved plaque recognizing their achievement.

The 2017 winners were:

  • Border Refresh Project – Stephen Bottinelli, Perry Eidson, Keith Foster, Derrick Kelly, Jimmy Kincaid, Eric Mathis, Laura Smith, David Topper, and Alan White
  • New Emory Tower Construction Project (L to R): Kelly Smith, Felecia Chaney, Quincy Thomas Sr, Gary Lammons, Musa Varachhia, and Bernard Sanders (not pictured: Jimmy Kincaid, Venise Lee, Tavares Matthews, Bryce Smith, and Quincy Thomas Jr.)

    New Emory Tower Construction Project – Felecia Chaney, Jimmy Kincaid, Gary Lammons, Venise Lee, Tavares Matthews, Bernard Sanders, Bryce Smith, Kelly Smith, Quincy Thomas Sr., Quincy Thomas Jr., and Musa Varachhia

  • Wireless Commencement Project – Alexander Berry, Stan Brooks, Norman Butler, Troy Crumbley, Delmer Gonzalez, Jimmy Kincaid, Tavares Matthews, Jason Nguyen, Brett Ratliff, Bryce Smith, Kelly Smith, Quincy Thomas Sr., Quincy Thomas Jr., and Vincent Vaughn
  • ETD Re-Write Project – Collin Brittle, Nik Dragovic, Solomon Hilliard, Tiffany Miles, Frances Pici, Emily Porter, and Alex Zotov
  • Research Data Management Task Force – John Bence, Andre Bosman, Chris Doty, Jennifer Doty, Nik Dragovic, David Hauenstein, Lori Jahnke, Melanie Kowalski, Jeremy Kupsco, Kristan Majors Chilcoat, Rob O’Reilly, Simon O’ Riordan, Shenita Peterson, Emily Porter, Jeselyn Rhodes, Anita Vannucci, and Jeff Weaver
  • WannaCry Ransomware Response Team – Dwayne Hamrick, Elliot Kendall, Eric Mathis, John Pine, Ashley Spink, and Derek Spransy
  • Level 1, Prep, Logistics, and Design Team – Amy Boucher, Jerrold Brantley, Kim Braxton, Bonita Bryan, Mel Bunn, Alex Cooper, Ceray Doss-Williams, Marc Hardison, Steve Johnson, Alex Kyrychenko, Rosalyn Metz, Lars Meyer, Chris Palazzolo, Erich Wendt, and, Michael Williamson
  • CHAMPS Program (L to R): Gerry Hall, Steve Collins, Caleb Boyd, Chris Riddle, Ike Ikegwuonu (not pictured: Andrew Chin, RJ Joshi and Ed Morris)

    CHAMPS Program – Andrew Chin, Steve Collins, Gerry Hall, Ikechukwuka (Ike) Ikegwuonu, RJ Joshi, Ed Morris, and Chris Riddle

  • TLT Learning Management Support – Dana Bryant, Haynes Chewning, Susan Detrie, Athan Gillette, Tricia Goddard, Kathy Hayes, Anthony Hess, Dina Thornton, Samuel Timme, John Willingham, and Jenn Young
  • Melanoma Datamart Project – Andre Bosman, Tiffany Miles, Shirley Mullins, and Shailesh Nair
  • SC2i Project – Jake Kirsch, Kendra Little, and Lucy Liu
  • ServiceNow Upgrade Project – Ceray Doss-Williams, Sharon Gregory, Rose Harris, Mark Kawasaki, Missie Martin, Jeffrey Munyao, Al Shelton, and Chris Smith

Additionally, Derek Spransy was honored for being a 2017 Emory Award of Distinction Award winner.

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