NDB’s 4th Floor Auditorium gets major facelift

Jason Brewer reviews the room’s new features in a room demo this week.

If you have ever attended a meeting in the North Decatur Building’s 4th Floor Auditorium, you are in for a shock today. The room has received a complete refresh of all the technology, as well as a fresh coat of paint.

The projector, AV system, screen, microphones, and camera are all new to better facilitate audio and video conferencing. The team also added two wired network connections to the lectern to improve ease of connectivity and removed the rear projector and the dirty glass projection screen.

A new Epson projector.

Healthcare Facilities also repainted the room. The work was done by University Campus Services staff. NDB is an Emory University building, but the fourth floor belongs to Emory Healthcare.

The effort was a collaboration between Healthcare and Business & Administration and was several years in the making. Alison Hansson in Emory Healthcare and Kim Comstock in Business & Administration were the organizers and Jason Brewer in ClassTech ensured that the technology met Emory standards and would be usable by any department that uses the room.

AN HD camera gives presenters more options.

The room now has high definition functionality and allows for conferencing either through the room’s computer or external devices brought to the room by its users. No matter the software platform (Vidyo, AdobeConnect, Skype, Zoom, etc.), users will be able to conference in this space (video conferencing in this space will only be through the in-room computer). There is also a rolling whiteboard for additional instruction practices.

The next IT Briefing is scheduled for next Thursday, March 15 at 10:15. Come check it out.

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