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Central Finance has now updated the Receipt Requirements Chart.

The LITS Business and Administration team continually looks for ways to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes for our internal customers to process expense reports. The LITS Business and Administration staff will submit the official report on behalf of the employee.

LITS employees normally report expenses by filling out a “LITS: Travel & Expense Report” in ServiceNow, providing a brief description of the expense(s), attaching relevant receipts, and completing the ServiceNow form located at: https://emory.service-now.com/sp/. After logging into ServiceNow, click on “Request Something,” then click on “LITS: Travel & Expense Report” and complete the form.

Central Finance has now updated the Receipt Requirements Chart. This chart can be found by going to the Emory Finance website https://www.finance.emory.edu, and clicking on Travel. The chart is located under the Travel Links: Receipt Requirement Chart. Click here to open the document: receipt requirements effective d21413

This chart will enable LITS employees to know what receipts are required for what purchases and help determine the type of payment source used for the purchase when submitting their expense reports on the ServiceNow LITS Travel and Expense Form.

As a reminder, Emory’s Travel Policy 2.95 Air and Rail Travel states:

Air travel shall be arranged by using Emory’s air travel providers (with the exception of incoming guests/visitors). Use of Emory’s travel agencies for air travel provides a balance between overall cost-effectiveness and the traveler’s need for reliable services and support, and ensures that we are able to take full advantage of our corporate emergency travel services for the benefit of our faculty and staff.

There is an exception to booking air travel with Southwest Airlines. If you travel with Southwest you can book via www.southwest.com and still be eligible for reimbursement. Southwest does not publish all of its fares and flights with other agencies. For this reason, this purchase is an exception to the mandate.

Emory University Travel Policies: http://policies.emory.edu/ (select “Travel Policies”).

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