Zoom is changing the way Emory conducts business

The Emory Messaging and Collaboration Team has rolled out a new video conferencing service for Emory. The service, called Zoom, is replacing Vidyo as Emory’s supported conferencing service for one-to-one and small group meetings.

Zoom works as a desktop application as well as on IOS and Android smart devices. It integrates with hardware-based conferencing systems, desktop clients, and URLs. Zoom also can serve as audio conferencing without video.

Zoom is ideal for meetings big…

Some of the Zoom features at Emory include 1:1, group, or webinar meetings, persistent chat (chat that doesn’t require you to be logged on at the time to still see it later), local recording (which can be shared), Office 365 calendar integration, and HIPAA compliance.

The mobile app is called Zoom Cloud Meetings and is available for free where you typically download your apps. Do not download the Zoom Rooms app as it is not currently being licensed at Emory.

To download and install the application to your desktop, go to https://emory.zoom.us. The Zoom rollout is currently for Emory University only and is available to all faculty, staff, and students. This service is not currently available to Emory Healthcare. Emory Healthcare can join any Zoom meeting, but cannot yet host their own meetings without a Zoom license.

The steps for scheduling a Zoom meeting in Outlook are as follows:

  1. Download the Zoom client from https://emory.zoom.us.
  2. Download the Outlook/O365 plugin
  3. Schedule a meeting as normal
  4. Click the “Zoom” button to generate a URL
  5. Login with your Emory ID (first time only)

…or small.

Jason Brewer, LITS Classroom Technologies, and José Holguín Cruz, Messaging and Collaboration, recently presented the new application at the monthly IT Briefing.

While Zoom is intended to replace Vidyo, it also can serve as a replacement for AdobeConnect and Skype.

“Zoom is the most robust and intuitive tool we’ve ever had for educational and business communication,” said Jason. “It will allow anyone at Emory to communicate easily via audio, video or chat in a secure environment that integrates into our existing Microsoft and Canvas infrastructures.”

For more information about Zoom, go to the following KnowledgeBase articles:

Also, for self-service, go to https://support.zoom.us.

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