Adam Forrester pays homage to a piece of archival history

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Adam Forrester.

Filmmaker Adam Forrester (Academic Content Production Specialist, Teaching and Learning Technologies) was recently interviewed by Atlanta Studies about his short film Archive (2017), in which he resurrects the iconic Georgia Archives and Records Building that was imploded on March 5, 2017.

The building, erected in 1965, was a mainstay of the Atlanta skyline for over fifty years.

The Ben W. Fortson Georgia Archives Building, aka the “White Ice Cube”

“I set out to document the building’s implosion, because I felt like it was important,” said Adam. “I interviewed architects and other members of the crowd that day after we watched the building crumble, but ultimately in working with the film in post-production, it just seemed fitting to slightly modify the long take – play it in reverse – and let that speak for itself. Once I finished that edit, I realized I didn’t really need those interviews, or any dialogue for that matter. The white cube rising from the ashes was more than enough.”

Atlanta Studies is an open-access, multimedia web-based journal published by the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship.

You can read the article, and see Archive, by going to

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