LEAF hosts a cheery holiday party for Emory Libraries

The traditional Library Book Tree with its builders (L to R): Yvette Wright, Kelly Kautt, and Caroline Corbitt.

The Library Employees Advocacy Forum (LEAF) hosted its annual LEAF Holiday Luncheon in the Woodruff Library this week, and the event did not disappoint. Held jointly in the Jones Room and the Schatten Gallery, the luncheon featured a full meal of chicken or salmon, a seemingly endless row of desserts made by staffers, and the kind of holiday good cheer that the event is known for.

University Librarian Yolanda Cooper gave a short speech in which she thanked Emory Libraries employees for a great year, not only for the major projects, but for the everyday work everyone does to make the organization a great place to work. She gave special thanks to the employees who will be working during the Winter Recess.

Revelers enjoyed eating in the Schatten Gallery.

One of the nice aspects of the luncheon was the sense of space and camaraderie created by having employees sit both in the Jones Room and at various tables throughout the gallery space. Each table was decorated to look like a present covered in wrapping paper and it made the festivities have a cozy, intimate feel.

According to this year’s LEAF chairman, Doug Goans, “We wanted to capture the holiday spirit. We are very pleased with the turnout and the atmosphere and many thanks for the LEAF officers, representatives and volunteers that helped make the party a success.”

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