Walk with a Leader offers conversational opportunities with leadership

Walking to the intramural fields with Rich. L to R: Rich Mendola, Ramya Bommareddy, Seema Sharma, Andrew Chin, and Dawn Francis-Chewning.

Who knew Rich Mendola walks at such a brisk pace?

For the past few weeks, LITS employees have enjoyed the chance to get in some steps while chatting with leaders throughout the division. The campaign was organized by the LITS Wellness Committee to coincide with the final days of the Emory Move More Challenge.

Walking in Lullwater with Dana. L to R: Ramya Bommareddy, Joanna Green, Seema Sharma, Madhuban Chaudhary, Dana Haggas, and Maria Flowers-Brooks.

“We wanted to give people a chance to have casual conversations with our leaders while exercising in the beautiful spring weather,” says Jay Flanagan, one of the event organizers. “What could be better than exercising while getting to know our bosses?”

Leaders who participated in the walks were Yolanda CooperJohn EllisSandra FranklinJoanna Green, Dana HaggasJennifer KingJames Leonard, Rich Mendola, Wayne Ortman, and Marc Overcash.

Walking near NDB with Marc. L to R: Debbie Gray, Kat Boushell, Camille Hyatt, Dawn Francis-Chewning, and Marc Overcash.

Walks included areas around the Quad, the Lullwater Preserve, the intramural fields, and the North Decatur Building.

“The group sizes were between 6 and 12 per session, which gave everyone a chance to really chat while they walked” says Meaghan O’Riordan, the LITS Wellness Committee chair. “We plan to do this again next year.”

Adds Jay, “The Wellness Committee is thrilled that so many of our LITS Leaders chose to participate in the event. The fact that they engaged, allowed the employees to engage with them.”

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