LITSers walk well in the 2019 Move More Challenge

This year’s Move More Challenge ended this week, and the LITS division was well-represented. The annual 42-day competition requires participants to electronically track their daily steps using FitBit, Apple Watch, or other related technology. Sponsored by the Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP), the event was run through the Healthy Emory Connect resource as a way to promote wellness.

This year there were 6,491 participants spread across 975 teams. With the challenge wrapping up on May 5, over 1.9 billion steps were taken averaging out to 8,700 steps per day.

Norman Hulme

The most impressive LITS “feet” goes to Norman Hulme, whose 1.1 million steps placed him 21st out of those registered. Norman averaged over 27,000 steps a day, approximately 15 miles, through a regimen of running and walking.

The LITS Top 20 Walkers (with team name):

  1. Norman Hulme, Blomeyer – 1,143,366
  2. Madhuban Chaudhary, LITS: Kiss our APPS – 1,022,963
  3. Ramya Bommareddy, Comfortable Loafers – 978,150
  4. Teresa Fleetwood, LITS: Lets Increase Those Steps – 820,055
  5. Alex Huynh, Data Solutions Team #1 – 801,529
  6. Tara McCurley, LITS Go – 795,793
  7. Joanna Green, LITS: Lets Increase Those Steps – 780,790
  8. Kat Boushell, LITS: Lets Increase Those Steps – 763,986
  9. Haynes Chewning, Comfortable Loafers – 738,244
  10. Susan Henschen, Comfortable Loafers – 734,005
  11. Cresenda Bennett, LITS: Lets Increase Those Steps – 731,684
  12. Michael Williamson, LITS: Lets Increase Those Steps – 729,680
  13. James Alston, Blomeyer – 726,986
  14. Ike Ikegwuonu, Comfortable Loafers – 725,764
  15. Gerry Hall, LITS: TO THE MOON!!! – 725,569
  16. Tricia Goddard, LITS Go – 701,094
  17. Lindsay Narbeth, Speed Daemons – 697,922
  18. Dawn Francis-Chewning, Comfortable Loafers – 692,518
  19. Yolanda Cooper, Not Fast, Just Furious – 689,093
  20. Amelia Frances, LITS Go684,816

LITS walkers (L to R) Andrew Chin, Rich Mendola, Dawn Francis-Chewning, Ramya Bommareddy, and Seema Sharma.

One LITS team, Comfortable Loafers, reached the top ten, finishing 8th out of 949 teams that recorded steps. Captained by Dawn Francis-Chewning, the team had seven of its members surpass 500,000 steps.

The top-three LITS teams were:

  1. Comfortable Loafers (8th overall) – Ramya Bommareddy, Haynes Chewning, Dawn Francis-Chewning (captain), Andrew Chin, Ceray Doss-Williams, Katie Green (ECAS), David Hauenstein, Susan Henschen, Ike Ikegwuonu, and Wade Moricle
  2. LITS: Lets Increase Those Steps (13th overall) – Cresenda Bennett, Kat Boushell, Nydia Charles-Huggins, Kim Comstock (captain), Joanna Green, Sandra Harrison, Rich Mendola, Linda Richardson, Michael Williamson, and Michelle Wilson
  3. LITS G0 (26th overall) – Michael Buchmann, Derek Butler, Keith Covert, Tricia Goddard, Robin Horton, Shea Jarman, Alex Kyrychenko, Tara McCurley (captain), Dwain Smith, Amelia Frances

LITS finished 8th out of 43 business units who participated in the challenge.

For more information about Move More, go to:

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