An evening with the Sataraš Quartet and Sister Sai

Colin Bragg (Woodruff course reserves coordinator) and Saira Raza (Goizueta business librarian) are both playing at the Red Light Cafe this Monday (July 29) starting at 8:00 pm.

According to the poster for the event, “Like the traditional Southeastern Europe vegetable stew, Sataraš Quartet‘s music is made of many ingredients: odd time-signature Balkan tunes, otherworldly blues, original jazz and rarely-played jazz covers, music spanning many miles and styles. Sataraš Quartet is recognizably Jazz with a capital J, but it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.”

Sister Sai is the moniker of musician and songwriter Saira Raza. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres, including jazz, folk, classical, and world music, her improvisational sets have been described as meditative and cinematic.”

The Sataraš Quartet was the “brainchild” of guitarist Edin “Eddie” Beho, who hails from Bosnia. The group is comprised of Colin’s friends from past musical enterprises, such as the Fourth Ward Afro Klezmer Orchestra (Eddie and saxophonist Jeff Crompton) and Helton & Bragg, his electronic jazz duo with his childhood friend and drummer Blake Helton. Colin plays bass guitar in the group. Jessica Perlove (Music & Media Library coordinator) says the musical style of the Sataraš Quartet “reminds her of Santana!”

Saira will perform a solo set, creating live improvisational compositions by layering loops of cello and vocals, combined with effects and a sampler.

Colin’s group booked the date, and thought that Saira would be a perfect fit for a varied evening of cool, instrumental music. They haven’t been on the same bill before, and although they haven’t played together yet, they have often talked about recording some stuff.

Says Saira, “We’ve been talking about working together for a while, so I’m glad we’re finally making it happen! We’ve had some conversations about putting together something here at the library – there are so many musicians daylighting at library workers…who knows where this will lead!?”

You can learn more about the Sataraš Quartet at their website, including links to video and photos, at:

As for Saira’s music, you can see photos, videos, and much more at:

For tickets to this Monday’s show, go to:

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