New cell phone booth in the Woodruff Library

The new cell phone booth on level 2.

We have a new cell phone booth (also called a soundproof office pod or Zenbooth) installed in the Woodruff level 2 staff area close to room 208E. This is a pilot experience, to assess the value of these semi-private phone booths in open work areas. Hopefully, an exciting addition to our space!

Inside the booth is a contoured, backless stool and a small work tray that is electronically adjustable, perfect for a cellphone, tablet, or laptop. The booth has electrical outlets, a small fan to vent the air, and is sealed across the top and at the door. Despite the door, this is NOT a soundproof booth. It is, at most, sound muffling.

Note, the booth is intended for short phone/video calls, so it will be available on first-come, first-serve basis at the start.

As a reminder, we also now have room 102 on level 1 set aside for staff to use for private phone calls and/or web conferencing and it *is* reservable.

You can find it in Office 365 by searching for _GLW WdrfLib 102 in rooms.

Everyone should have prox access to open the door whenever needed (if you find your Emorycard isn’t working at the door, check in with Terence who can make sure you’re added to the prox list).

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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