Dan O’Malley, Systems Engineer, System Administration

"The team here is very friendly and down to earth." - Dan O'MalleyDan O’Malley is a new systems engineer II in LITS System Administration. He previously worked for 4.5 years at a healthcare software company and also a year of similar work at Wellstar. Dan has also had a life-long interest in computing ever since he had a Radio Shack computer from the 1980s – a TRS-80 – and would write Basic programs on it. He is well-versed in VMWare, Windows and CISCO Unified Compute Switch (UCS).

Originally from St Louis, MO, Dan also spent nine years in Phoenix, AZ, before moving permanently to Atlanta.

Dan is into St. Louis Cardinal baseball, and likes to watch competitive video games, such as Starcraft, which he has been interested in since 1998.

“It’s been different working for a large organization like Emory,” says Dan. “My last company hovered around 100-130 employees and I was responsible for a wider range of items. Now I am more of a specialist. The team here is very friendly and down to earth.”

You can reach him at domall3 [at] emory [dot] edu.

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