Michael Robertson, Sr. Stacks Transfer and Data Specialist, Access & Resource Services

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“Working in the stacks is satisfying work. It’s good to be part of the library and part of greater Emory.” – Michael Robertson

Michael Robertson is the new senior stacks transfer and data specialist in Access & Resource Services. He comes to Emory Libraries after spending two years in cataloging at the Pitts Library while earning his master’s.

Born in Abilene, TX, Michael was raised in Traverse City, MI before earning a bachelor’s degree in religion from Central Michigan University. He completed his master of theological studies degree at Emory.

Michael enjoys reading, hiking, and cooking and has a particular passion for the study of religious themes in video games. “Religious studies have been looking at literature, visual arts, dance, architecture for decades, if not centuries, but you have people expressing religious concepts in video games as well,” says Michael. “Typically ignored, I think it’s time these artists approach the public academic eye.”

“Working in the stacks is satisfying work,” says Michael of his new job. “It’s good to be part of the library and part of greater Emory.”

You can reach him at michael [dot] david [dot] robertson [at] emory [dot] edu.

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