2020 Virtual LEAP! recap

photo of video screen capture

The service award videos were created by Cecilia Bolich. This image references the TV show DALLAS.

The 2020 virtual LEAP! event, held on September 24, was well-received by the nearly 300 LITS employees who tuned in. Friends and colleagues offered congratulations to those honored for outstanding service to Emory. LEAP! is typically a time to celebrate the end of the academic year together, mingle with co-workers, and enjoy a nice meal but with the COVID-19 restrictions the challenge for the PATH Committee was to energize LITS within the confines of Zoom. The result was a 70-minute salute to the people that make LITS great through their years of service or significant contributions that was as far from a typical Zoom meeting as humanly possible.

The event was filled with music and videos that highlighted popular and noteworthy events from the past years when our 150-plus Service Award honorees started at Emory. Mood rings and pet rocks? Check! Music that ranged from DJ Shadow to Captain and Tennille? We had that too. Did you know this year’s LITS service stretched back to the founding of Microsoft? Now you do!

LEAP! also featured 44 recipients of the LITS Significant Contribution Award (SCA), which covered the 16 months between May 1, 2019, and September 1, 2020, as well as degree recipients during the same period. SCA winners were awarded for their efforts in teamwork and collaboration, leadership, operational excellence / exceptional service, creativity and innovation, and campus and community relations categories.

If you missed the event, you can watch the video HERE.

Our event surveys are very important in helping us develop programming for the upcoming year. Of particular interest is a section specifically about the Significant Contribution Award, as we are continually evaluating the program to make employee recognition work for everybody.

You can take the survey HERE.

For a complete listing of the honorees, you can see the LEAP! event program HERE.

Thanks again for logging on to LEAP! in such great numbers and we on the PATH committee hope to see you again at our future programming.

photo of PATH team

The PATH Committee, plus distinguished guests Sandra Franklin and Rich Mendola.

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