Security training, Box removal updates and a crucial captioning conversation

Over 170 Emory employees tuned in for the November IT Briefing this week and were treated to important updates about mandatory cybersecurity training, Box to OneDrive migration updates, and possible solutions regarding the growing concerns about video captioning.

Derek Spransy led things off with a cybersecurity training update. With much of LITS having taken the initial round of training, the team has processed the vital feedback from around the division to prepare an updated version of the training that will go out to the Emory enterprise next month. The feedback was largely positive for the 30-minute training, narrated by Dawn Francis-Chewning, and the training module will soon be a requirement for both existing and future employees.

Next up was Jay Flanagan to talk about the Box to OneDrive migration. He let the audience know that they are finalizing an analysis of the data being migrated and will be moving the Project Management Office (PMO) as the pilot group. The Messaging team will then work with the vendors to publish a timeline for the remainder of the project. A key part of the project involves working with Box to OneDrive (BOD) Champions who have been identified in each area to help shepherd their respective communities through the migration. These BOD Champions will help “create a synchronicity across local support groups before, during and after the migration,” according to Jay.

Three ways you can help with the migration are:

  1. Clean up your unneeded Box files by the end of the year (in fact, the sooner the better)
  2. Begin new projects in the OneDrive environment versus Box
  3. Inform the Messaging Team about any unusual workflows that your areas employ around Box.

Lastly, Adam Newman and Steve Bransford from ECDS discussed the legal and ethical needs for providing captioning for all externally published video material at Emory as well as a new platform that ECDS is piloting which makes such captioned video content fully searchable. One surprising element of Adam’s presentation was that automatic captioning currently used by YouTube or Zoom do not rise to the legal standard of ADA-mandated captioning according to recent landmark legal cases on the matter. The two discussed various tools for captioning before Steve provided a demo of ECDS’s instance of Aviary, a platform that can make captioned videos fully searchable.

You can see all of these presentations and hear the dozens of questions that were answered by re-watching the November IT Briefing HERE.

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