Vishal Patel, Associate Director/Solutions Architect, Application Development and API Services

Vishal (vi-SHALL) Patel is the new associate director/solutions architect of Application Development and API Services, reporting to Tom Sedlack. He will be working with Tom on Salesforce (a customer relationship management CRM platform), and one of the first projects that he will be engaged in will be NETEC (a collaboration with the Nebraska Medical Center and Emory).

Prior to coming to Emory, Vishal was director of product development for 13 years at Brillio (formerly Comity Designs). He also performed other consulting in the areas of .NET, Java, SharePoint. Vishal started work on Salesforce in 2008, when he visited client sites to understand their requirements, provide custom solutions, once engaged would work as an architect and program manager to lead his on-shore and off-shore team members.  “We would guide the customers on how to become independent service vendors (ISV Partner) and help them implement their product on AppExchange,” said Vishal.

Originally from Anand, Gujarat, India, Vishal moved to the UK at age 15. He attended Queen Elizabeth Boys School and received a bachelor of science degree with major in software engineering from the University of Hertfordshire. He is a certified application and systems architect for Salesforce.

Vishal plays tennis, hikes, and enjoys travel, having visited Kenya, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and he even co-oped in Switzerland for a year. His wife is from Philadelphia and they love Atlanta. The couple have two children, a son who is studying at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), and a daughter who is studying computer science at UGA.

“It is completely different,” said Vishal about his new position at Emory. “I wanted to get away from consulting and be in an industry where I can thrive.”

You can reach Vishal at vishal [dot] patel3 [at] emory [dot] edu.

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