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Results of the first round of the UTS Manager Development Program

Chart featuring survey results

As everybody knows, 2013 was a year in which I put a strong emphasis on developing the skills of the managers. I am always eager to get people to specialize and to become ever more expert in whatever area they are working. For managers in particular, I want them to be continually invested in adding […]

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Push and Pull

Vintage B&W photo of two people pushing/pulling a stubborn llama

Pushes and pulls are the basis for moving data on the internet but how about as a metaphor within our own division? I have been thinking a lot lately about about how we push and pull various ideas within UTS and throughout the enterprise. Here are two examples of what I mean. I am excited about […]

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The Yearly Review Process Is Upon Us

Cartoon of an employer during a performance review

What have we accomplished this year? Annual reviews are upon us so we must take stock of our achievements and, more importantly, develop our expectations for 2014 and beyond. This year, I challenged the director team by putting their goals on the white board in my office. They were to share those goals with their […]

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The Evolution of Digital Scholarship

Photo of students in front of the Woodruff Library

My fellow Deputy CIO, Marc Overcash, joins me in this month’s update to help celebrate the evolution of digital scholarship at Emory. With the announcement of the merger of OIT and the University Library into a single operating division, we are happy to announce that a terrific group of Library IT staff is joining us […]

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This is a Time of Renewal

Photo of Emory's Cox Hall in springtime

I love the Fall, especially October. There is always something special about starting a new semester, feeling the chill in the air, seeing the leaves change, watching football and soccer games, and experiencing the thrill of learning while not yet being behind in anything. But Spring is my second favorite time of year.  In the […]

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What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to go out and do something new. Spring is in the air. The directors have a well-defined list of goals and there are meaty, interesting, complicated  projects in each of those areas. I am sure there is something new that anybody can contribute, […]

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Predicting the Future: Key Improvements in Software Testing

Vintage photo of man with crystal ball

One of the new capabilities that I can see coming into place in UTS, and one that will be more exciting the more we get into 2013, is our increasing ability to look at the application layer and treat it with a greater degree of sophistication. Dana Haggas (Director, Enterprise Applications) has a goal this […]

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