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Net neutrality event to be held on April 4th in Cox Hall

Join us on April 4 at 5:30 pm in the Computing Center in Cox Hall’s Classroom A for a chat with Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Senior Staff Attorney Mitch Stoltz about net neutrality. Net neutrality – the rule that broadband providers must treat all Internet traffic equally – has a contentious history and an uncertain future. Rules […]

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World of Tomorrowland: 3D printing

Tomorrowland logo

LITS Student Services has always stood at the intersection of students and technology. Whether fixing devices students bring to campus or offering a place for them experience something new, Student Services plays an integral role in the experience students have with technology while at Emory. Student Services built its reputation on things like the Student […]

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LabMan 2014: a conference report

LabMan 2014 logo

[Ed. Note: this article was written by Haynes Chewning, Robin Horton, and Tara McCurley.] At the beginning of June, a group from Student Services consisting of Haynes Chewning, Robin Horton, and Tara McCurley went to Las Vegas, NV, to attend the 2014 LabMan conference hosted at University of Nevada. The LabMan organization formed in 2000 as a resource for any IT […]

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A World of Strength

Photo of seminar instructor

This past week saw a number of groups participating in StandOut, a strengths assessment program designed by Marcus Buckingham, who is a business consultant and researcher. Strengths, according to this program, are defined as things that energize, or invigorate a person. Normally a strength is designated as something a person is good at. In this […]

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