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Tumbling Dice: a LITS-centric collaboration with a rock legend you might not know of

Have you ever heard of Chuck Leavell? Maybe not. How about the Rolling Stones? The Allman Brothers? Eric Clapton? Now we’re getting somewhere. Chuck Leavell is one of the best piano players in rock history. A native of Birmingham, AL, Chuck was an original member of the Allman Brothers, joining the band shortly after Duane […]

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Pet of the Week: Dougie

Dougie Jones Morgan-Adams (AKA Mr. Jackpots), aptly named after the Twin Peaks: The Return character, is a recent addition to our home. Over Mother’s Day weekend, I made the delightful mistake of just “looking around” at the Humane Society in my hometown and found Dougie. A charmer from the start, I took him home to […]

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Pet of the Week: Petra

Ten years ago, I walked into the Lawrence, Kansas SPCA shelter, looking for a buddy to keep me company during grad school. I asked my volunteer guide to bring out a manx I’d seen on their website. She nodded, went to a back room, and returned to deposit a cat in my arms that was […]

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Dennis House leaves Emory with a lasting legacy of service

Dennis House (operations & access specialist) is retiring after 17 years of work at the security desk in the Woodruff Library. During that time he has been a beloved fixture in Emory Libraries, to staff and students alike. Born and raised in Greenville, NC, Dennis learned the value of hard work by toiling in the tobacco […]

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Pets of the Week: Tip and Jet!

We have two rescue Border Collie brothers named Tip and Jet. Both were rescued when their mother was scheduled to be put down and it was determined she was pregnant. I drove down to pick them up in Screven County, Georgia, and had bought the smallest collars I could find. Jet was so small (the […]

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An evening with the Sataraš Quartet and Sister Sai

Colin Bragg (Woodruff course reserves coordinator) and Saira Raza (Goizueta business librarian) are both playing at the Red Light Cafe this Monday (July 29) starting at 8:00 pm. According to the poster for the event, “Like the traditional Southeastern Europe vegetable stew, Sataraš Quartet‘s music is made of many ingredients: odd time-signature Balkan tunes, otherworldly […]

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Pet of the Week: Toby!

After more than a decade without a dog, I was finally ready to find a new companion. The adoption process can be fraught, but I was too jealous of all my neighbors and coworkers to let that stand in my way. With a small house and a long workday, I needed a pup to match […]

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