Britton among Atlanta’s poker elite

The final five players (out of 189 entrants) in the 2019 APC Main Event.

Enid Britton (IT Service Management Office) recently finished second in the Atlanta Poker Club (APC) Main Event and won a $1700 seat for an August or November World Series of Poker event in Cherokee, NC.

She finished ahead of 187 players who are members of the APC. Had she won first place, she would have won a $10,000 seat in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, NV.

“I played perfect poker except for one hand,” sighed Enid about a hand where she folded two-pair when she thought her opponent had three-of-a-kind. Had she won the hand, she’d have been the overwhelming chip leader.

Enid (far right) would win this hand and knock Eric H (far left) out of the tournament.

Enid, who has been playing competitive poker for over 14 years, made several excellent reads throughout the event and knocked out the fifth-place player when she paired a jack on the river. Minutes later, she crippled the fourth-place player with a pair of sevens.

“Enid is a math whiz,” said one of the commentators during the broadcast of the event.

Enid “Boss Lady” Britton.

She has won 46 local events during her illustrious career, however, this will be her first time in the main event in Cherokee. As you may recall, she also won the poker event at the 2018 LITS Game Day.

You can watch the final table in its entirety HERE.

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Game Day also enjoys record numbers

LITS employees enjoying Game Day (L to R): Jeselyn Rhodes, Liz Lucabaugh, Addison Jones, Lisa Cogdill, Kenyon Register.

One of the positive aspects of hosting Game Day immediately after the inaugural LITS Employee Appreciation Party and in the same building? Rollover attendance.

LITS Game Day enjoyed its largest crowd since Tara McCurley became director of the facility. “We had about 340 people come through our turnstiles this year, which is up by over 100 from last year,” says Tara. “It was exciting to see so many LITS staff in our space. They brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm.”

Cecilia Bolich and Jenn Sutcliffe run trivia.

The event host a variety of game opportunities, from board games and puzzles to gaming consoles and even an HTC Vive virtual reality headset, where employees saved the universe from the zombie apocalypse.

Team Trivia was once again a major highlight of the event. Led by Cecilia Bolich and Jenn Sutcliffe, the competition included 12 teams. The winning team was the Fifth Law of Thermodynamics and was made up of Katie Sparks, Laura Trittin, Lawrence Hamblin, Kelly Kautt, and Lisa Granholm, all of whom work in Emory Libraries. Second place went to the team of Tom Vincent, Lee Clontz, Adam Forrester, Lindsay Narbeth, and Kathy Hayes.

Trivia winners! (L to R): Katie Sparks, Laura Trittin, Lisa Granholm, Lawrence Hamblin, and Kelly Kautt.

The poker tournament was won by Jose Holguin Cruz, whose Ace-King, “Big Slick” in poker parlance, won the final hand.

Special thanks goes to the team that put the event together:

Organizing Committee: Kim Braxton, Amelia Frances, Tara McCurley, Rob Renner

Trivia: Cecilia Bolich and Jenn Sutcliffe

Jose Holguin Cruz and his winning hand.

Poker: Wade Moricle

Setup and game donations: Michael Buchmann, Derek Butler, Haynes Chewning, Lee Clontz, Jay Clement, Adam Forrester, Dawn Francis-Chewning, Tricia Goddard, Anthony Hess, Robin Horton, Robert Kruse, Alex Kyrychenko, Khadijah Muhammad, Lindsay Narbeth, Linda Richardson, and Sam Timme.

See you next year! If you have any feedback about the event, please send to Tara McCurley.

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Closer to the Cloud: A Cloud Infrastructure Migration Planning project update

A lot has been happening with the CIMP project, so we wanted to give you an update on how the cloud migration planning is progressing. 

As a refresher, in this project, we are working on a plan for how we would approach, organize, and prepare for a migration of our data center infrastructure to the cloud, specifically AWS at Amazon. We are looking at all of the LITS infrastructure and all of the applications that we support across campus, determining how best to leverage some of the amazing new technologies that are offered in the cloud for innovation, scalability, agility, and regional redundancy. We will not be migrating anything during this project, but our work will position us to be able to start migrations within the next phase of our cloud transition. So that’s what this project is about at the highest level. 

You may know that we’ve been working with a vendor called Smartronix as a consulting partner. It has been extremely beneficial to have their knowledge and experience as they led and guided our project team. At the end of March, we were ready to take the lead on directing the project, and Smartronix assumed a consulting role. This was a positive change for the project, as it allowed us to more accurately plan for closing out this phase of the project. We also have expanded the project team to include more Emory LITS staff, to get more people exposed to the work that we’re doing. We are now heading into the final stretches with getting things ready to be able to migrate applications to AWS.

The final phase of our planning work focuses on the “Landing Zone” at AWS, making sure we have a production-ready environment to migrate to at AWS. We have ensured that every infrastructure area has been considered. Much of the Landing Zone work has focused on shared services and security hardening of the environment. We have made decisions regarding Firewalls, DNS, Remote Access, among others. Sometimes Amazon has a native cloud solution for these services, and we have to decide as a team and as an organization whether or not we should go with their offering or move our existing service into the cloud. As we get closer, our planning has been building, as we are actively preparing the Landing Zone. 

We are also focusing on Operational Readiness, or being able to support and maintain the environment. Being operationally ready means a seamless experience for users, which is one of our primary goals. This includes tools and processes around patching, monitoring and logs, as well as incident response, changes and upgrades, and the process of provisioning AWS resources from user requests. How do we respond to incidents and work those? How do we deploy changes or upgrades? Do we need to expand our Service Catalog for new types of requests? As we mature, we will use more automation in many of these areas. We’re looking at what kinds of automation we are ready to implement now versus higher levels of automation maturity that we will grow into over time.

What are the next steps? Basically, the CIMP project ends when the Landing Zone is complete and ready to receive application migrations. The next phase of our overall cloud journey will be a new project (CIM?) to migrate applications from our data centers into the cloud at AWS. Our experience so far gives us good insight into how we would best organize to actually migrate applications, working with application owners through a prioritized pipeline of application migrations. So stay tuned for information on that. We hope to provide you with a good understanding and visibility for the details of the migration project as it approaches.

Lastly, I wanted to just remind you that this is the time to make sure that you are comfortable with cloud concepts and what AWS can do for us. We plan to have more community engagement opportunities to get everyone involved and aware, as well as training opportunities. If you feel like you would benefit from an introductory session about AWS and the cloud, we do recommend the free, one-hour, online course offered by Cloud Guru. It provides a 10,000-foot view of what cloud in AWS is and how it works. Here’s the link:

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New LEAF Committee announced

The newest version of the Library Employee Advocacy Forum (LEAF) has been announced. LEAF’s vision is to bolster a community where each person can feel empowered to succeed. The committee is comprised of members elected by each of the library’s departments and terms usually last two years. LEAF serves as a liaison between the University Librarian and the employees and organizes events such as the monthly LEAF Coffees and the end-of-year Emory Libraries Holiday Party.

Current members are:

Officers –

  • Amanda Adams, Library Specialist, Goizueta (GBL) – Chair
  • Erich Wendt, Senior Library Specialist, User Services (ARS) – Vice Chair
  • Peter Shirts, Music Librarian, Music and Media Library (RESC) – Communications Coordinator
  • Cari Lovins, Assistant Director, Digital Product Strategy (LTDS) – Treasurer
  • Ayana Bohannon, Coordinator of Events, Campus and Community Relations (CCR) – Elections Coordinator

Representatives –

  • Samuel Timme, Academic Technology Specialist (ATS)
  • Robin Horton, Academic Technology Specialist (ATS)
  • Mark Johnson, Library Specialist (ARS)
  • Kathy Britt-Rogers, Library Coordinator (User Services) (ARS)
  • Erica Bruchko, Librarian for African American Studies and United States History (RESC)
  • Nick Wantsala, Library Specialist (ARS)
  • Anne Marie McLean, Reference Librarian and Outreach Coordinator (Pitts)
  • Jacqueline Reed, Senior Library Specialist (Rose)
  • Becky Sherman, Visiting Librarian (Rose)
  • Maria Flowers-Brooks, Resources Management Specialist (WHSC)

The next LEAF Coffee is June 12 at 9:30 AM.

If you would like more information about LEAF or if you have issues to raise to leadership, please contact LEAF at

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Key things to note about using the new travel management partner

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) is the recently-announced new travel management partner for Emory. CTM can be reached using the following methods:

Travel Profile

Set up your Travel profile using the Quick Start Job Aid.

Existing Reservations and Unused Tickets

If you have an existing reservation that was booked through BCD or Maupin, please use them. For questions, changes, cancellations or unused tickets please contact travel [at] emory [dot] edu


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Derrick Leach, Communications Specialist I, Field Services

“It seems like I already know everyone.” – Derrick Leach

Derrick Leach is a new communications specialist on the Field Services team. Before Emory, he worked for a year as a data center technician at the HP Data Center. He spent six years at the AT&T Data Center (ADC). Derrick also used to work as a cable/electric installation technician at Emory Healthcare.

An Atlanta native and proud graduate of Westlake High School, Derrick has a bachelor’s degree in information technology from South Carolina State University.

Derrick spends nearly all of his free time running after his two kids, a 9-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter. He recently returned from the Georgia State Track Meet, where he and his wife Angela watched their kids compete.

“It seems like I already know everyone,” says Derrick about his co-workers. “My teammates are easy to talk to and have made me feel welcome.”

You can reach Derrick at derrick [dot] m [dot] leach [at] emory [dot] edu.

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Chris Schroeter, Network Engineer I, Network Engineering Run

“The amount of knowledge that individuals have on this team is impressive.” – Chris Schroeter.

Chris Schroeter (pronounced SHRŌH-ter) is the newest network engineer to join the network engineering run team. He will be installing switches and trouble-shooting network issues in this role. Before coming to Emory, he spent four years as a network analyst at Fastway Communication. He also spent some time working in the HVAC industry.

Born in Stanford, CT, Chris came to Atlanta with his parents years ago after living for a period in Florida. He is currently working on an associate’s degree in cyber security at Gwinnett Tech.

Away from work, Chris enjoys the Atlanta night life. He loves music and describes himself as cool guy.

“The amount of knowledge that individuals have on this team is impressive,” says Chris. “I like experiencing different scenarios and I am learning a lot about layer one and layer two wireless, as well as fiber work.”

You can reach him at cschro3 [at] emory [dot] edu.

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