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Polling for next LITS all-staff meeting

Graphic asking for feedback

The leadership team is interested in your feedback regarding the next LITS all-staff meeting. What topics do you want to hear discussed? Do you have questions you would like Marc Overcash and his team to answer? Marc is interested in tailoring this presentation to the needs and interests of the division, so now is your chance to […]

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Mendola conducts final all-staff meeting of ’14

Photo of staff in an auditorium

On December 16, Enterprise CIO and Senior VP Rich Mendola held the first of a series of LITS all-hands meetings in the WHSCAB Auditorium. With over 350 employees in attendance or watching remotely, Mendola reviewed the division’s current progress against its FY15 objectives, gave a few updates regarding upcoming and ongoing activities, and framed the LITS […]

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