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Joseph Lee, Cloud Solution Engineer, Research Solutions

Joseph Lee joined Research Solutions as a cloud solution engineer. In his new role, Joseph will be actively working with AWS at Emory to help users design, test and troubleshoot their solutions. He brings expertise about DevOps and cloud security from his recent experience at Warner Media as a DevOps software security engineer (2 years) […]

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Andrew Chin’s AWS Journey

In the coming year, the Database Administration (DBA) Team will begin the work of moving Emory’s massive payload of data and services to Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) cloud platform. We’ve been preparing for years to take this significant step forward and I wanted to take this time to tell the story of my journey into […]

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AWS at Emory an important factor for transplant survival rates

Dr. Chris Larsen is an Emory transplant surgeon and immunologist who is partnering with the AWS at Emory team to achieve proactive patient care. A little background about transplant work: The goal of Dr. Larsen’s team is having one transplant last a lifetime. While most patients do well with their transplants, there are those whose bodies […]

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Wolff’s collaboration with AWS at Emory leads to potential new approach to schizophrenia research

photo of a professor

Phil Wolff, a professor in Emory’s psychology department, recently co-wrote an article for Nature Partner Journal (NPJ) describing research that was made possible, in part, due to a collaboration with the LITS AWS at Emory team. Phil’s research involves a machine learning approach to predicting psychosis using semantic density and latent content analysis. The article […]

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Ellis discusses “Culture and Cloud” at the February InfoForum

Photo of John Ellis

“I’ve been thinking about our cloud transformation,” says LITS Deputy CIO John Ellis, presenting to a large audience of Emory Library employees during this week’s InfoForum, “and I wanted to have a discussion with you.” Change is coming The planned transition of Emory from locally-based storage and infrastructure to a cloud-based approach is a significant […]

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CIMP project update

[Ed. note: This article is the first part of a three-part series this week from the LITS Cloud Advisory Group (CAG). The introductory article about the CIMP project can be found here.] For the past several weeks, the project team has been working hard on a pilot program to gain migration and Amazon Web Service […]

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Cloud training is important to IT career growth at Emory

Photo of a highlighter marker on paper

[Ed. note: Cloud Advisory Group (CAG) update #2.] As cloud services become more prevalent at Emory, many LITS employees may be thinking about how to prepare themselves for this critical shift. AWS has many resources that address various cloud topics and their associated certification exams allow for foundational to professional level. There are even specialty courses for […]

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