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Tumbling Dice: a LITS-centric collaboration with a rock legend you might not know of

Have you ever heard of Chuck Leavell? Maybe not. How about the Rolling Stones? The Allman Brothers? Eric Clapton? Now we’re getting somewhere. Chuck Leavell is one of the best piano players in rock history. A native of Birmingham, AL, Chuck was an original member of the Allman Brothers, joining the band shortly after Duane […]

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Meredith Doster, Managing Editor, ECDS

Meredith Doster has returned to ECDS (in a remote fashion) as the managing editor of Sounding Spirit: Scholarly Editions from the Southern Sacred Music Diaspora. Meredith originally honed her digital humanities skills in ECDS while attending school. In more recent history, Meredith worked at Mars Hill University as dean of adult and graduate studies and at iDesign […]

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ECDS and LITS welcome record-breaking crowd to Atlanta Studies Symposium

The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS), in partnership with offices across the university and institutions around the region, welcomed a record-breaking crowd of more than 250 attendees to the sixth annual Atlanta Studies Symposium hosted at the Robert W. Woodruff Library this past April. The publisher of the open access Atlanta Studies journal and a […]

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Virtual reality research may change the way we teach and learn

Photo of a VR user

Earlier this year, Arya Basu, a visual information specialist working in the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS), conducted a virtual reality (VR) experiment in the Woodruff Library that led to some fascinating hypotheses about the future of education. Arya believes his results suggest that VR should be the classroom of the future. In the experiment, users […]

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ECDS presents high-level objectives for FY18

Recently, Co-Director of the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS), Wayne Morse, presented at the IT Briefing with an overview of what they have planned for FY18. ECDS was created to sit squarely between IT and the Library as a flexible and innovative division that can enhance digital scholarship by drawing from the resources throughout LITS, […]

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Joanna Mundy, Digital Project Specialist, Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

Photo of new employee

Joanna Mundy joined the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship as the new Digital Project Specialist. Before beginning this position, she worked as a graduate digital scholarship consultant for ECDS, following a year as the Beck Foundation Fellow in 2015-2016. Joanna worked on multiple digital scholarship projects before joining ECDS, including the American Excavations Samothrace and Envisioning […]

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Emory employees eligible for graduate certificate in digital scholarship

Emory ECDS logo

With annual review to-do items popping up on calendars ahead of Emory’s fiscal year-end in August, the spring and summer months are a good time to scout out professional development opportunities for the upcoming year. Employees interested in digital scholarship and digital humanities may want to explore the Certificate in Digital Scholarship and Media Studies […]

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