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Communication Tools…it’s about people

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In technology, we often think of communication as a protocol or a platform. It’s email, or SMS, or instant messaging. We concentrate a lot on metrics, like who is sending what messages to whom, how many messages have been sent, and whether or not they where sent successfully. We often think of communication in just […]

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Tips For Navigating WordPress

We received generally positive reviews regarding last month’s launch of the OIT Newsletter in WordPress. By monitoring Google Analytics, however, we noticed that some of our readers may have been confused by how to navigate the new interface. A blog format is much more interactive than our older HTML-format style newsletter. As a result, we […]

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Top Ten Articles From 2012

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The MarComm team recently reviewed all of the OIT Newsletters for 2012 in Google Analytics. The purpose was to gain a better understanding of our divisions’ interests so that we could better plan for 2013. As a result, we are listing the Top Ten Articles from 2012 (just in case you missed them the first […]

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Working on Extra Credit: An Update

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Several of the Rich’s Extra Credit presentations from last year are underway, with a few already wrapping up. Here are a few notable examples: The Integration team completed their work on the Web Analytics effort in November.  It enabled integrated authentication with a Google Apps Domain (myapps.emory.edu) to support Google Analytics usage for Emory websites […]

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