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Calling all writers! The Online News needs you…

Vintage photo of a school boy

To expand the scope of our Online News, we’re seeking out more LITS employees to help craft articles about their areas. With over 600 employees and over 80 departments, LITS is filled with interesting stories, which is why we would like to partner with writers from each area to craft more thorough LITS coverage. We […]

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New team name for External Affairs

Photo of two employees sitting outside

The Office of External Affairs been renamed to the LITS Office of Campus and Community Relations (CCR). This change was made following the recent reorganization in which the OIT Marketing and Communication team joined External Affairs in the Library. “Enriching our team with the addition of Norman Hulme and Wade Moricle gave us an opportunity […]

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You Have Been Heard!

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The MarComm office has reviewed the recent Online News survey and the results have been very helpful in helping us plot our communication direction over the next year. We sent the survey to all 569 LITS employees and received 152 responses, which is impressive given that the survey required a reasonable amount of thought and […]

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Emory Overview Video a Striking Achievement

Screen capture from new Emory video

Emory Marketing and Communication has released an overview video about Emory that offers powerful imagery and helps convince viewers that Emory University is an outstanding choice for students, faculty, and staff. This new video provides a vivid impression of Emory University and shows a high-level, somewhat abstracted summary view of the university. It was developed […]

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The Emory Undergraduate Experience Discussed

Photo of Emory's President Wagner taken from a promotional video

Emory has produced a new video about the transformative impact of an Emory residential, undergraduate, liberal arts education. This presentation was created for the June Board of Trustees meeting and is now publicly available. The video was shot and edited by Ann Borden in Emory Photo Video and features the voices of Emory College of Arts […]

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Tips For Navigating WordPress

We received generally positive reviews regarding last month’s launch of the OIT Newsletter in WordPress. By monitoring Google Analytics, however, we noticed that some of our readers may have been confused by how to navigate the new interface. A blog format is much more interactive than our older HTML-format style newsletter. As a result, we […]

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Welcome to the OIT Newsletter on WordPress

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Welcome to the first OIT Newsletter done in WordPress! The goal of this format change is to add more dynamic content for our readers. Rather than the static articles of old, you will be able to make moderated comments on each and every article, as well as take advantage of various social media-friendly tools. An […]

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