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Wade’s Not-So-Texas Style Chili

Photo of award winning chili

Often the winner of the chili contest is a marvelous cook who uses perfectly-planned preparation and precision to produce something wonderful to eat. And then there’s me. My first-place chili was the result of a recipe I found that day on the internet, a midnight run to Kroger when said recipe only produced half a […]

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Linda’s Bourbon Brownies

Photo of award winning brownies

Linda Nodine (Business and Administration) won first place for desserts in this year’s LITS Chili Cook-off and Dessert Bake-off. She has graciously provided her award-winning recipe below: For the Brownies: ½ C sugar 1/3 C butter 2 T water 1 C semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 t vanilla 2 eggs ¾ C flour ¼ t baking […]

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Mazzella Cooking Demo a Fresh Success

Photo of Christina Mazzella holding cooking implements

Recently, Christina Mazzella (IT F&A) did a demonstration in the 1762 building for making Vegetable Dumplings (aka potstickers). This demo was part of the OIT vs Emory College Weight-loss Challenge. Following her demo, attendees tasted plenty of delicious vegetarian samples. Sandra Harrison (IT F&A) helped Christina with the vegetable chopping. Vegetable Dumplings Recipe 1 cup lightly […]

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Incredible Oxtail Stew Recipe

Photo of a pot of oxtail stew

My daughter’s daycare held an International Day and many parents cooked delicacies from their homelands. One such dish was Oxtail Stew, which I have republished below. The stew meat was incredibly tender and flavorful. According to the Unknown Chef, Oxtail Stew is from Europe, where the people bred oxen, which was a heavier breed of cattle, and needed […]

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