Sofie and the Cicada

Close-up image of a cicada

The Magicicada: millions have been invading the East Coast this Spring.

We are nearing the end of the “Brood II” swarm of 17-Year Cicadas, so-named because the flying insects literally spend 17 years underground before emerging for one month to breed, lay eggs, and die.

Also called “swarmageddon,” this entomological phenomenon has sadly (or fortunately, depending on your bug-loving/hating persuasion) not had a major impact on Atlanta this time due to our proliferation of parking lots and other tree-cutting activities that wipe out the underground cicada population.

But don’t tell that to Sofie…

Science note: the cicada in the video is correctly identified as an “annual cicada,” with its 2 to 5-year lifespan. The Magicicada, which is the actual cicada mentioned in the articles above, can be easily recognized by its creepy red eyes. But why let a few pesky scientific facts ruin a good time and a fun video?

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