It’s a Great Time For Lync

Screen shot from Microsoft Lync website

Screen shot from Microsoft Lync website.

As you may be aware, the UTS Messaging Team recently launched Microsoft Lync, a communication tool that offers instant messaging, phone, video conferencing, screen sharing and presentation features all in one. This flexibility has led to a surge in OIT usage and I would encourage you to start using Lync today.

The OIT management team is committed to using Lync and it is extremely useful to be able to quickly touch base with our leaders, all the way up to Brett Coryell and Rich Mendola, who are avid Lync users.

In addition to its standard instant messaging features, Lync is a powerful tool for training. When I joined the UTS Messaging Team, my team members would conduct training sessions with me using Lync. Not only were we able to share and take control of each others’ screens, I had the ability to record and save our sessions in case I needed to reference them at a later time.

Lync is especially useful for telecommuters and there is also a mobile version of Lync available for Android and Apple devices. No longer are we limited to in-person meetings or picking up the phone to call a coworker.

If you do not have Lync installed on your computer, feel free to submit a ticket to your local support department. For more information on Lync, visit and click on Search the KnowledgeBase. In the search bar, type in “Lync” and all articles related to the tool should appear.

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