ITSMO hosts Incident Coordinator event in new chemistry space

Photo of meeting

Attendees of the first ITSMO Incident Coordinators Forum.

This month, the IT Service Management Office (ITSMO) held an Incident Coordinator Forum in the newly-renovated Atwood Chemistry Center Science Commons. The goal of the forum was to share best practices and provide a network opportunity for Emory’s incident coordinators.

Coordinated by Rose Harris, the Incident Process Owner from the Service Management Office, the event was a first of its kind. Normally ITSMO meets with incident managers only, but this was an opportunity for the coordinators to get instruction in a stationed approach. The stations were manned by ITSMO and various incident managers, which included: Sharon Gregory (event facilitator), Danon Vaughn (report station presenter), Tanisha Hill (filter station presenter), Tiffany Kady (Eureka functionality presenter), Michael Buchmann (homepage presenter), Laura Pokalsky (configuration approach), and Rose Harris (supporting role of Knowledge to the Incident Process).

Attendees were (LITS employees in bold): Cassandra Turner, Debbie Carlisle, Molly Kent, Travis Longo, Thea Diaz, Khalid Sharif, Tom Vincent, Laura Pokalsky, Randy Phillips, Khadijah Shamsid-Deen, Rosa Weston, Chris Riddle, Garrett Southwell, Brandon Mayo, Luciano Dalla Venezia, Jason Cook, Geri Rivers, Lauren Schlumper, Tanisha McNichol, Michael Davidson, Kaven Moodley, Wade Moricle, Jane Setterfield, Effie Fisher, Untra Lindsey, Tracy Donnell, Mubarak Pasha, Danon Vaughn, Tiffany Kady, Tanisha Hill, Michael Buchmann, Terence Stewart, Jon Knoy, and Venise Lee.

Photo of coffee mug.

Items awarded to attendees.

Said attendee Rosa Weston, “I learned many valuable tips from the forum, enjoyed the interaction, and cannot wait to put some of what I saw into practice.”

This event was the first ever use of the new renovation in Atwood-260. According to Michael Derry, manager in Emory College computing support, Atwood-260 is a 99-seat room based on the MIT “scale-up” concept, where students are given problems to solve in groups of three and the room is designed so that the break out groups can easily present back to the entire room using any of the six projectors.

One of the best by-products of the event was the creation of Incident Coordinator Box account to house the wealth of reference materials produced to host the forum. New Incident Coordinators will automatically be given access to help them be successful in their new roles and to collaborate with other seasoned coordinators.

“We really appreciated all of Michael’s assistance in getting this space configured for us,” said Rose. “I’d also like to thank Tiffany Kady who worked with Michael to identify our technical requirements to host the event.”

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